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Wanderings of the Wayward....

....crap--how'd I get here again...?

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Birthdate:Jan 6
What to say....?

Uh, I'm over 18 and I rarely act my age. I have a thing about making sure my stories (however crossed-over or original they are) make sense so I usually reworking them like I'm obsessed, merely because I believe my readers deserve the best. I have a tendency to go quiet for long periods of time and then startle the skittles out of people by (usually figuratively) dropping in on unsuspecting friends.

I love reading/seeing other people's works (whether art or writing) as much as I love receiving comments of my own work. I have rarely come across something I did NOT like but unfortunely, I've been finding a LOT of good ideas but BAD writing as of late. And I'm glad to see that I'm not the ONLY one who likes to pick on the characters a bit OR have similar ideas because now I can ask advice from those whom have posted it first.

And...that's kind of it...

Don't be afraid to ask me about ANYTHING from requests on stories and jewelry, to help with, well, whatever! ^^
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